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  • Readings on Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black LivesReadings on Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives : Various Jewish perspectives

    A series of readings from several sites and publications on the BLM and M4BL groups: Who are the leaders? What is their platform? Why are some Jews wary of this movement?: Why do others urge Jewish support and involvement?.

  • Blood libels, conspiracy theories, and coronavirusesBlood libels, conspiracy theories, and coronaviruses


    A series of several articles in the CAMERA publication including: Coronavirus blood libels, by Ricki Hollalnder and Israel's critics distort the country's coronavirus response, by Sean Durns.

  • Black Lives Matter, JVP's Deadly Exchange, and IsraelBlack Lives Matter, JVP's Deadly Exchange, and Israel : a CAMERA report

    Hollander, Ricki.

    How a movement protesting legitimate grievances of racial injustice is hijacked, co-opted, and exploited by groups with their own, separate agendas, in this case, the BDS movement.

  • How the Black Lives Matter & Palestinian movements convergedHow the Black Lives Matter & Palestinian movements converged : a Moment investigation

    Isaacs, Anna.

    In August 2014, Ferguson, Missouri erupted in protests after the death of Michael Brown, while thousands of miles away, war raged in Israel and Gaza. From this confluence of events emerged a new movement ofd Black-Palestinian solidarity. How did this alliance come to be? What does it mean for the racial justice movement? Where do American Jews fit in?.

  • Jews in the Civil Rights MovementJews in the Civil Rights Movement

    Two articles bound together. First, a very brief (3 pages) historical summary by historian Howard M. Sachar, followed by an article from Tablet Magazine, "Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters": Lessons for 2020 from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel's 1963 Address on Religion and Race, where Heschel says that racism is idolatry, is opposed to the most fundamental Torah teachings, and must be fought by Jews.

  • Moral resistance and spiritual authorityMoral resistance and spiritual authority : our Jewish obligation to social justice

    Limmer, Seth M., Rabbi, DHL, co-editors..

    Among the topics covered are healthcare, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, speaking truth to power, community organizing, environmental issues, and international religious freedom.

  • CoronavirusCoronavirus : a book for kids

    Margolin, R.L.

    Explains the coronavirus pandemic and issues like social distancing, mask wearing, quarantine, and so on.

  • Lucy and the coronavirusLucy and the coronavirus

    Rowe, Isabelle.

    A mother explains to her daughter the coronavirus "germ" and the measures they are taking, such as mask wearing, to keep healthy.

  • Kelly stays homeKelly stays home : the science of coronavirus

    Block, Lauren, MD MPH, co-author.

    Kelly learns she will be staying home from school given the Covid19 pandemic. Her mom, a doctor, explains the science behind the illness, viral transmission and social distancing to Kelly and her little brother.

  • Tea with grandpaTea with grandpa

    Saltzberg, Barney.

    A little girl enjoys daily tea with her grandpa, and only on the last page do we see that their time together is via computer screen!.

  • Too far from homeToo far from home

    Shmuel, Naomi.

    Meskerem must leave her beloved home and grandma and start school in a new town near Tel Aviv, where she is the only person of color in the entire fifth grade, and meets ignorance and prejudice on the part of some of her classmates.

  • The rights of the Hebrew nation in Israel/PalestineThe rights of the Hebrew nation in Israel/Palestine : evidence based arguments

    Schwarzberg, Moshe N., MD.

    Topics covered include: To whom does the Land belong? and Double moral standards.

  • The survivorsThe survivors : a story of war, inheritance, and healing

    Frankel, Adam P.

    Frankel is a former Obama speechwriter, who has written a memoir of family, the Holocuast, trauma, and coming to terms with the legacy of familial pain and a shocking revelation about his own bloodline.

  • The case against BDSThe case against BDS : why singlling out Israel for boycott is anti-semitic and anti-peace

    Dershowitz, Alan.

    An examination of the origins and methods of a now world-wide movement to portray Israel as a racist and genocidal nation, endangering its very security. Includes end notes.

  • Leading a worthy lifeLeading a worthy life : finding meaning in modern times

    Kass, Leon R.

    What makes a worthy life? Chapters include topics of love, family, friendship, human dignity, learning, truth, and more. Includes end notes and index.

  • The book of JonahThe book of Jonah : a social justice commentary

    Yanklowitz, Shmuly, Rabbi Dr.

  • The orderThe order : a novel

    Silva, Daniel.

    Silva explores the sources of antisemitism and notes that the virus of Jew hatred did not begin in Nazi Germany--far from it. There was a long and brutal history of hatred which he traces to nine words in the Gospel of Matthew, and says that they ultimately led to the centuries of massacres of Jews. His fictional story includes a Pope who discovers a previously unknown gospel that will correct the record, who wants to reveal this, and those who would do anything to stop him.

  • In every tongueIn every tongue : the racial & ethnic diversity of the Jewish people

    Tobin, Diane.

    Jews may be white, black, brown, any color--a people of significant diversity. This book explores the origins, traditions, challenges and joys of a diverse American Jewry. Over twenty pages of color photographs illustrate the point. Includes glossary, index, notes, and select bibliography.

  • Black white and JewishBlack white and Jewish : autobiography of a shifting self

    Walker, Rebecca.

    The author, daughter of a black mother and a white, Jewish father, describes her life of straddling two cultures, and creates a story about the power of race in shaping identity.

  • Black power, Jewish politicsBlack power, Jewish politics : reinventing the alliance in the 1960s

    Dollinger, Marc.

    The author maintains that American Jews were inspired by the Black Power movement to strengthen American Jewish life, and enabled Jewish activists to devise a new agenda including the emancipation of Soviet Jews, the rise of Jewish day schools, gender-inclusive liturgy and more.Includes index, notes, bibliography.

  • Slavery and social deathSlavery and social death : a comparative study

    Patterson, Orlando.

    Winner of several awards for scholarship, this is a work drawing on the tribal, ancient, premodern, and modern worlds, discussing the dynamics of slavery in sixty-six societies over time, including ancient Greece and Rome, China, Korea, Muslim kingdoms, Africa, the Caribbean islands, and the American South. Includes index, end notes and appendixes.

  • White fragilityWhite fragility : why it's so hard for white people to talk about racism

    Diangelo, Robin.

    Designed to help white people examine race and how skin color can affect the way we think, feel and perceive the world.

  • SeparatedSeparated : Inside an American tragedy

    Soboroff, Jacob.

    A journalist's account of the systematic separation of thousands of migrant families at the U.S.- Mexico border. How did this humanitarian tragedy--deemed "torture" by by physicians--happen on American soil and what has been the experience of the separated children and parents?.

  • Begin againBegin again : James Baldwin's America and its urgent lessons for our own

    Glaude, Eddie S. Jr.

    A weaving together of biography, literary analysis, and moral essay on racism and America, attempting to show hope amid anger over the past.

  • Remember my soulRemember my soul : what to do in memory of a loved one

    Palatnik, Lori.

    "A path of reflection, inspiration and personal growth. Includes a guided journey through shiva and the stages of Jewish mourning.".

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Popular Titles

  • Married to the rabbiMarried to the rabbi : sixty spouses of retired Reform rabbis in their own words

    Patz, Naomi, co-editor.

    A project of NAORRR: National Association of Retired Reform Rabbis.

  • All who go do not returnAll who go do not return : a memoir

    Deen, Shulem.

    This is the memoir of the author's journey out of the insular sect of Skverer Hasidim. Includes JTA interview with Deen and reading group discussion questions. a National Jewish Book Award winner.

  • Making troubleMaking trouble : three generations of funny Jewish women

    Tells the story of six female comic entertainers: Molly Picon, Fanny Brice, Sophie Tucker, Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner, and Wendy Wasserstein.

  • The color of waterThe color of water : a black man's tribute to his white mother

    McBride, James, 1957-

    Amazing story of a woman from a Polish Orthodox Jewish family which settled in Virginia, and who ran off to Harlem and married a black man, at a time when interracial marriages were rare and shunned. Her son, the author, writes a tribute to his mother and tells of his own coming to terms with a Jewish heritage.

  • The tribeThe tribe

    What can the Barbie doll, invented by a Jewish woman, show us about Jewish identity today? This video weaves together archival footage, graphics, animation, Barbie dioramas, and slam poetry to take audiences on a tour of the history of both the Barbie doll and the Jewish people, and asks what it means to be an American Jew today.

  • Paper clipsPaper clips

    This documentary tells the story of a group of middle-school students in rural Tennessee who studied the Holocaust and created a paper clip project that culminated in a unique memorial that changed the lives of those who created it.

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