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  • In good faithIn good faith : question religion and atheism

    Shay, Scott A.

    What is religion's relationship to science? Why is religion a source of both justice and oppression? Is religion irrational? How do people of conflicting views justify them by the Bible? Is religion good or bad for society? Includes index and notes, plus an appendix about various theories of physics, such as quantum theory, string theory, and the Big Bang.

  • The chosen warsThe chosen wars : how Judaism became an American religion

    Weisman, Steven R.

    How Judaism redefined itself in 18th and 19th century America, with emphasis on the Charleston community, German Jewish immigrants, thinkers like Isaac Leeser and especially Isaac Mayer Wise, Jews in the Civil War, the rise of Reform Judaism.

  • the good fightthe good fight : a novel

    Steel, Danielle.

    Meredith spends her childhood in Germany where her father prosecutes Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials. She becomes a life-long friend of a child of Holocaust survivors and back in the United States, inspired by these events, she becomes an activist in the fights of America in the 1960's-- for civil rights and against the Viet Nam war.

  • The missing lettersThe missing letters / a dreidel story

    Londner, Renee.

    The dreidel maker is busy as Hanukkah is near, but the heys, nuns, and shins are jealous of everyone's favorite letter, the gimels, and decide to hide them so they can't be used. Then they learn that the Hanukkah story isn't complete with them.

  • Little red RuthieLittle red Ruthie : a Hanukkah tale

    Koster, Gloria.

    Little Red Ruthie is off through the woods to her bubbe's house, where they will make latkes togethe, when she encounters the wolf.

  • Judah Maccabee goes to the doctorJudah Maccabee goes to the doctor : a story for Hanukkah

    Koffsky, Ann D.

    As Hanukkah approaches, young Judah learns about his namesake, the Maccabee. He discovers his own courage to help his baby sister by bravely agreeing to have the vaccination that will protect them both from threatening illnesses, as he learns that a vaccination is something like a Maccabee shield.

  • The German girlThe German girl : a novel

    Correa, Armando Lucas.

    Twelve-year-old Anna, on receiving a mysterious packagae from Cuba, learns the story of her great-aunt Hannah, who, in 1939 Berlin was no longer welcome in the places she once kew as home. A voyage on the ocean liner St. Louis offered hope and safe passage to Cuba. But the ship that was to be the passengers' salvation seemed likely to become their doom. Includes bibliography and discussion group questions.

  • The plum treeThe plum tree

    Wiseman, Ellen Marie.

    Follows a young German woman in 1938 and the years after, who is in love with the cultured son of the wealthy Jewish family she works for. Includes book discussion questions.

  • The Aleppo codexThe Aleppo codex : in pursuit of one of the world's most coveted, sacred, and mysterious books

    Friedman, Matti.

    A true-life detective story about the trail of the manuscript of what is known as the the "most perfect' copy of the Hebrew Bible, a journey involving secret agents, pious clergymen, antiquities collectors and prominent national figures, all dying to get their hands on the ancient book. Includes notes and discussion group questions.

  • All-of-a-Kind family HanukkahAll-of-a-Kind family Hanukkah

    Jenkins, Emily.

    The five sisters prepare latkes for the first night of Hanukkah, and little Gertie gets to light a candle for the first time.

  • I can helpI can help

    Costello, David Hyde.

    When a duck gets lost and a monkey helps him find his way, it starts a chain reaction in which all the young animals help each other.

  • Jews innear and far away landsJews innear and far away lands

    Ostroff, Pauline.

    The differences and commonalities of Jewish communities in: the Americas, Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia), Yemen, India, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Japan, and the State of Israel.

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Popular Titles

  • the good fightthe good fight : a novel

    Steel, Danielle.

    Meredith spends her childhood in Germany where her father prosecutes Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials. She becomes a life-long friend of a child of Holocaust survivors and back in the United States, inspired by these events, she becomes an activist in the fights of America in the 1960's-- for civil rights and against the Viet Nam war.

  • The parakeet named DreidelThe parakeet named Dreidel

    Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991.

    On the eighth night of Hanukkah, a family rescues a Yiddish-speaking dreidel-playing parakeet.

  • Waking lionsWaking lions

    Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet.

    The novel by Israeli writer Gundar-Goshen revolves around the question "If you had committed a deadly mistake, what would you do?" The main character is an Israeli neurosurgeon who accidentally hits and kills a pedestrian. Finalist for the 2017 National Jewish Book Award--Book Club Award and also Finalist for the Fiction Award.

  • The keeping quiltThe keeping quilt : 25th anniversary edition

    Polacco, Patricia.

    A homemade quilt ties together the lives of four generations of an immigrant Jewish family. The original award-winning 1988 edition of The Keeping Quilt is here expanded by the author, to include her children's weddings and her birthday and to tell how her book and quilt have touched many lives, and finally, how the fragile quilt was given to a children's literature museum in Ohio, but only after a replica was made by a group of quilters.

  • The blessing cupThe blessing cup

    Polacco, Patricia.

    A single china cup from a tea set left behind when a Jewish family was forced to leave Russia helps hold them together through generations of living in America, reminding them of the most important things in life. A companion to Polacco's The Keeping Quilt, and winner of a 2014 Sydney Taylor Book Award.

  • Prague winterPrague winter : a personal story of remembrance and war, 1937-1948

    Albright, Madeleine.

    Albright's experiences, and those of her family, provide a lens through which to view the tumultuous events of the 20th century, including the Munich agreement, the Nazi invasion of her native Czechoslovakia, the Battle of Britain, the fate of prisoners of Terezin, the rise of Communism in East Europe, and the onset of the Cold War.

  • The count's Hanukkah countdownThe count's Hanukkah countdown

    Balsley, Tilda.

    Grover and the Count join Aunt Sara, Uncle Joe and their family for a Hanukkah party where the Count finds eight of many dfferent things.

  • Hoppy Passover!Hoppy Passover!

    Glaser, Linda.

    Bunnies Violet and Sammy learn about Passover customs while helping the family prepare for the holiday.

  • Red Hook RoadRed Hook Road : a novel

    Waldman, Ayelet.

    The story of two Maine families, of different social class and background, who share a tragic destiny.

  • The blessing of a skinned kneeThe blessing of a skinned knee : using Jewish teachings to raise self-reliant children

    Mogel, Wendy, 1951-

  • The borrowed Hanukkah latkesThe borrowed Hanukkah latkes

    Glaser, Linda.

    A young girl finds a way to include her elderly neighbor in her family's Hanukkah celebration.

  • Lights, the miracle of ChanukahLights, the miracle of Chanukah : fully animated color video

    Retelling of the Chanukah story. It delivers the message that it is alright to be different and to stand up for what you believe.

  • An American tailAn American tail: double feature

    An American Tail: The Mousekewitz family discovers the streets of America are not all paved with cheese, and living in a mouse tenement does not offer the life they hoped for. Feivel Goes West: Young Tanya dreams of becoming a famous singer, and Fievel wants to become a tough lawdog like his hero Wylie Burp. Lured out west by the crafty entrepreneur Cat R. Waul, Fievel discovers the evil gentleman's true plans to turn the settlers into mouse-burgers. Enlisting the aid of his cat friend Tiger, the two team up with the legendary Wylie Burp to stop the feline gang's dastardly plot.

  • A Rugrats Passover\A Rugrats Passover\ : let my babies go!

  • The real shlemielThe real shlemiel

    Musical, animated video based on the stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer.

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