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  • Songs for a family sederSongs for a family seder

    Freedman, Robert, Cantor.

    Thirty songs for the Passover seder. This CD accompanies the Family Haggadah by Shoshana Silberman.

  • ScreenwiseScreenwise : helping kids thrive (and survive) in their digital world

    Heitner, Devorah, Ph.D.

    Many parents worry that theirchildren are addicted to or distracted by their digital devices. This book has ideas for parents on how to navigate the challenges of the digital world. Includes index, references and notes.

  • Signs and wondersSigns and wonders : 100 Haggada masterpieces

    Cohen, Adam S.

    Exploration of important, celebrated decorated and illuminated Haggadahs from medieval to contemporary, from Europe, Israel, America and places farther afield, since the first such work around the year 1300--the famous "Birds' Head Haggadah"-- to Maxwell House and into the 21st century. Includes index.

  • The (unofficial) Hogwarts HaggadahThe (unofficial) Hogwarts Haggadah

    Rosenberg, Moshe.

    Harry Potter and Passover share a lot, from the concepts of slavery and freedom, to the focus on education, to the number four. This Haggadah combines traditional text with lessons on themes also found Harry Potter and also is interspersed with the "voices" of real elementary school students.

  • StandWithUs Passover HaggadahStandWithUs Passover Haggadah : from ancient Egypt to modern Israel the 3,000 year journey of the Jewish people


    Contains traditional text, some English transliteration of songs, pertinent quotes by figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr and Mark Twain on Jews, many U.S. Presidents from John Adams to the present, many Israeli and Zionist figures from Herzl to Sharansky to contemporary political figures, quotes by Arab friends of Israel, by musicians and entertainment figures, a reading on shared experiences of African Americans and Jews, Passover legends, the struggle for freedom for modern-day Israel, and more. Lavishly illustrated in color.

  • Voice lessons for parentsVoice lessons for parents : what to say, how to say it, and when to listen

    Mogel, Wendy.

    Bestselling author of The Blessing of a Skinned Knee shows how a change in tone and demeanor on the part of parents can transform their relationship with their child. Includes index and Notes.

  • Queen for a dayQueen for a day : a novel in stories

    Rosaler, Maxine.

    With "New York Jewish flavor" in the writing, this is the story of women dealing with the challenge of being mothers to children with disabilities, particularly autism.

  • Nothing is forgottenNothing is forgotten : a novel

    Golden, Peter.

    Golden gives the reader a unique look at the Cold War era, depicting it from both the point of view of Michael, a Jewish American kid, and Yuli, a hard-edged Jewish teen in Russia. Also depicts the effects of the Holocaust on the lives of survivors in Russia, France and the United States. The American Michael, grandson to immigrants from Russia, learns that there is more to his grandmother's story than he could have imagined, and his search for answers takes him to Germany, France, Soviet Russia, and Yulianna.

  • Hate spacesHate spaces : the politics of intolerance on campus

    Hate Spaces is a documentary illustrating how antiSemitism is being made fashionable at many American universities.

  • Hate spacesHate spaces : the politics of intolerance on campus

    Hate Spaces is a documentary illustrating how antiSemitism is being made fashionable at many American universities.

  • Rising out of hatredRising out of hatred : the awakening of a former white nationalist

    Saslow, Eli.

    Tells the story of Derek Black, son of the founder of Stormfront-- an internet white supremacist community-- godson to David Duke, home schooled by his parents in white nationalism, and how he came to disavow all that he had believed.

  • WitnessWitness : lessons from Elie Wiesel's classroom

    Burger, Ariel.

    Wiesel taught for nearly four decades at Boston University. The author, a former student and teaching assistant to Wiesel, offers a front row seat to their exchanges and conversations in and out of the classroom, on topics such as spirituality, faith, and intellect. Winner of 2018 National Jewish Book Award for Biography.

  • Spies of no countrySpies of no country : secret lives at the birth of Israel

    Friedman, Matti.

    Reading like an espionage novel, this is the true account of Israel's first spies-- Jews who were native to the Arab world and went undercover after 1948; the dozen spies in this "Arab Section" became the nucleus of the Mossad. Includes source notes.

  • Through the windowThrough the window / views of Marc Chagall's life and art

    Rosenstock, Barb.

    Written in lyrical language inspired by Chagall's autobiography, this book shows readers, throught different windows, the childhood and wartime experiences that shaped his life and his art. A 2019 Sydney Taylor Honor Book.

  • Gittel's journeyGittel's journey : an Ellis Island story

    Newman, Leslea.

    Loosely based on true stories told to the author by her grandmother and aunt about their voyage to America. Nine-year-old Gittel and her mother decide to leave their homeland behind and go to America, but a health inspection stops any chance of her mother joining her on the voyage. Knowing she may never see her mother again, Gittel must find the courage to leave her family behind. Includes brief gossary, bibliography and webography.

  • How to heal a broken wingHow to heal a broken wing

    Graham, Bob.

    When Will finds a bird with a broken wing, he takes it home and cares for it, hoping in time it will fly again.

  • Mother's Day surpriseMother's Day surprise

    Krensky, Stephen.

    After watching the other animals make Mother's Day gifts, Violet the snake tries hard to think of something nice that she can make for her mother.

  • French toast SundaysFrench toast Sundays

    Spielman, Gloria.

    After the loss of her beloved grandmother, Mina finds solace in stories told by family and friends, but her grief is turned into joy when she surprises everyone with Grandma's famous French toast.

  • Meet me at the wellMeet me at the well / the girls and women of the Bible

    Yolen, Jane, co author.

    The authors have created modern midrashim that tell the stories of fourteen biblical women, from Eve to Esther, from Sarah to Hannah. The stories also pose questions, such as: Is trickery immoral? Why does Sarah laugh? Includes index and bibliography.

  • Finding the right school in the era of BDS and intersectionalityFinding the right school in the era of BDS and intersectionality : A Jewish parents' guide to colleges 2018-19 academic year

    Ostrov, Jerome.

    This book examines the history of BDS on college campuses and its effect on creating a toxic environment for Jewish students. It also provides chapters on the history of modern Israel and ways to prepare "college-bound kids Jewishly." The bulk of the book looks like a traditional guide to colleges, but with extensive description of the colleges and universities, including universities with significant Jewish populations, small colleges with significant Jewish populations, and "interesting schools" with small undergraduate Jewish populations-- more than 125 schools altogether, including the level of BDS activity at each.

  • A river could be a treeA river could be a tree : a memoir

    Himsel, Angela.

    How does an evangelical Christian woman from Indiana, who grew up in an apocalyptic denomination, end up living as an Orthodox Jew in Manhattan?.

  • First the JewsFirst the Jews : combating the world's longest-running hate campaign

    Moffic, Evan, Rabbi.

    A basic introduction to antisemitism, past and present. Includes notes.

  • Rise and kill firstRise and kill first : the secret history of Israel's targeted assassinations

    Bergman, Ronen.

    Tells some of the never-before reported, behind the curtain accounts of some of the spectacular operations of Israel's Mossad. Includes index and notes. Winner of the 2018 National Jewish Book Award for History.

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